The Spiritist Magazine The Spiritist Magazine
International Spiritist Council International Spiritist Council
Paul & Stephen Spiritist Centre (Melbourne) Spiritist Centre in Melbourne
The House of Path Spiritist Centre (Canberra) Spiritist Centre in Canberra
Brisbane Spiritist Centre Spiritist Centre in Brisbane
Light and Peace Spiritist Centre Spiritist Centre in Adelaide
Aliança Espírita Evangélica Aliança (Alliance) is a 'Living Ideal' of Spiritualism based on a working program and brotherhood.
FEB - Federação Espírita Brasileira Brazilian Spiritist Federation. Download The Spirits' Book, The Mediums' Book and The Gospel According to The Spiritism
GAEA - Advanced Study Group of Spiritism A site where Spiritism faces logic. It is a huge site with a lot of information. Highly recommended.
SGNY-Spiritist Group of New York A Spiritist organization whose sole aim is to promote and disseminate the Spiritist Doctrine in English, as codified by Allan Kardec. SGNY has founded the Spiritist Alliance for Books (SAB), which is dedicated to the translation and publication of English books and other materials. Free downloads in this site.
AKES- Sociedade Educacional Allan Kardec The Allan Kardec Educational Society (AKES) was founded in August of 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the purpose of disseminating the ideas and ideals of the Spiritist Doctrine.
CEI Conselho Espirita Internacional.
Seed of Light 2013 Statute Seed of Light 2013 Statute